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If there’s one thing a good writer needs, it’s not a laptop, a desk, a notebook or even a pen; it’s a robust spreadsheet to keep track of how much they’ve been writing. OK, maybe those other things are more important, but Marrow’s writing tracker is nice to have too!

So this is exactly what I’ve made: an ultimate word count tracker, including project- and month-based targets, productivity features, fun graphs, and lots, lots more.

Get started by clicking the button below, or read on to learn about the features…

Features Of The Writing Tracking File


The Overview tab is the central hub of the word count tracker. It shows you all your most relevant information at a glance, including:

  • Words written this month
  • Words vs target by month
  • Progress by project

Word Count

The Word Count tab is where you log your words by project and day. Easily track word counts for up to 10 project (plus a “Miscellaneous” column!) and compare totals to a dynamically updating daily target based on your monthly or yearly goals.


In the Targets tab, you can set your goals by project, month, and year. You can also check your words vs target at a glance – for individual months or the year as a whole!

Prioritisation (Optional)

Use the Prioritisation tab to work out how quickly you’ll finish your projects if you write a specified amount every day.

Or do the opposite! Set a deadline and have the file tell you how much you need to write per day to meet that project target.

NaNoWriMo (Optional)

Use the NaNoWrimo tab to automatically feed your word count into a NaNo-esque interface. Set any target you want (not just 50k!) in any month you want!

Compare your word count to your required pacing (with a variety of pacing selections including standard/linear, reverse nano, mountain and valley).

Earn all the same badges here as you would on the NaNo website (but don’t forget to log your word count there too!)

Editing (Optional)

Track your edits for up to 10 projects (and a column for Misc. words!) in the same way as you count first draft words.

Compare your daily totals to an automatically-updating Daily Target, based on your monthly or yearly goals.

Sprints (Optional)

Complete a lot of sprints? Use the Sprints tab to log your results, and find out:

  • Your most favoured sprint length
  • Your greatest number of words written in one sprint
  • Your Words Per Minute by sprint length – which works best for you?

Audio Tracking (Optional)

Also produce your own audiobooks? Keep track of minutes edited and discover:

  • Your minutes edited by project
  • Your minutes edited per month

Convinced? Get Marrow’s Writing Tracker by clicking the button below:

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